Animot. The other Philosophy


The mission of the review Animot revolves around the concept of “animality”, analyzed as the theoretical entity that directs plenty of cultural and philosophical challenges of our time. We have built, in opposition to animality, our idea of humanity – inventing a duality based on a conventional understanding of nonhuman animals and on the irrational assumption that animals are generic and non-singular individuals. Animot, as suggested by the word coined by Jacques Derrida to pluralize and give back their face to nonhuman animals, is a scientific review exploring the topic of animality in the context of animal studies. It fosters dialogue between architecture and philosophy, natural sciences and art history, political theory and literature and the animals, who become the key to understand countless theoretical issues and to provoke unexpected interpretations. Animot does suggest not only a rethinking of our relationship with nonhuman animals, but, above all, of our idea of what is human and what is animal identity. From this perspective, philosophy and culture face a different stance, a crossroads that will be essential for our future life, and the one we can imagine.